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Zero Waste MVMT

Ultimate Dish Washing Bundle

Ultimate Dish Washing Bundle

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"I bought the dish washing package, I find it cleans better than the name-brand liquid dish soap, and it smells great! Definitely going to be a reoccurring purchase for myself!" - Matt

Help ditch plastic from your kitchen with our Ultimate Dish Washing Bundle!

🧼  Our zero-waste dish soap bars are an excellent replacement for liquid dish soap. They are eco-friendly, zero waste, vegan and made with organic ingredients.

✨ Use your dish brush or natural loofah sponge and scrub the bar to create a foamy lather and wash your dishes as normal! The bar is formulated to cut through grease all while being gentle on the skin!


🌱 The Ultimate Dish Washing Bundle Includes:

1x Cedar Soap Tray - Prolonges the life of the Dish Bar and allows proper drainage.

1x Dish Soap Bar | Bergamot + Lime - Helps eliminate wasteful plastic bottles.

1x Wooden Dish Brush  - Replaces plastic brushes.

1x Bamboo Pot Brush - Replaces plastic brushes. 

3x Natural Loofah Sponges - Replaces synthetic sponges. Biodegradable and compostable

2x Swedish Dish Cloths - Replaces 17 rolls of paper towel, ultra-absorbent and biodegradable.

Dish Bar Size: Approx 2.75" x 2.75" x 1.25"

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Saponified Cocos nucifera (Coconut) Oil, Ricinus communis (Castor) Seed Oil, Citrus aurantium bergamia (Bergamot) + Citrus aurantifolia (Lime) Essential Oil

How to use

Use your dish brush and scrub the bar to create a foamy lather and wash your dishes as normal! The bar is formulated to cut through grease all while being gentle on the skin!

End Of Life

Dish Bar - Compost or recycle the kraft paper box. Use the bar until nothing remains!

Dish Brush - Repurpose as a scrubber for "dirtier" jobs once it's no longer suitable for washing dishes. Compost and replace the brush head at the end of its life!

Loofah & Dishcloths - At home compostable.


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  • handmade shampoo and conditioner bars
  • palm oil free shampoo and conditioner bars
  • cruelty free shampoo and conditioner bars

Earth-Friendly Ingredients

Our dish soap bars are handmade in small batch. The ingredients we use are certified organic, vegan-friendly, fair-trade and cruelty-free. We only choose the highest quality ingredients available!


Everything I was expecting and more!!!

"I’m a total sucker for anything that makes doing daily chores more enjoyable! Plus it’s also stunning and makes my kitchen look so beautiful!"

Caitlin B.


Plastic-Free Dishwashing

Use your dish brush and scrub the bar to create a foamy lather and wash your dishes as normal! The bar is formulated to cut through grease all while being gentle on the skin!

your questions, answered


What is a Solid Dish Soap Bar?

A Solid Dish Soap Bar is a concentrated form of dish soap in a solid block, designed to effectively clean dishes without the need for plastic bottles or excess water in its formulation.

How do I use the Solid Dish Soap Bar?

Wet your dish brush or sponge, rub it on the Solid Dish Soap Bar to create a lather, and then scrub your dishes as usual. Rinse with hot water afterward.

What ingredients are in the Solid Dish Soap Bar?

Our Solid Dish Soap Bar is handmade in small-batch using a cold process method. At its core, the bar boasts organic coconut oil, known for its powerful cleaning properties and gentle care on hands. We also incorporate organic castor oil, which aids in producing a rich lather and enhancing the soap's moisturizing capabilities. We infuse the bars with aromatic bergamot + lime essential oils for a light fresh scent. Together, these ingredients not only ensure an effective clean but also provide a nourishing touch to your hands, all while being environmentally conscious.

Why should I switch from liquid dish soap to the Solid Dish Soap Bar?

Liquid dish soaps often come in plastic bottles, contributing to environmental waste. Additionally, they can contain harmful chemicals like triclosan and phosphates, that aren't eco-friendly or skin-friendly. Our Solid Dish Soap Bar offers a sustainable, zero-waste solution without compromising on cleaning power, and it's free from the harsh chemicals commonly found in liquid soaps.

Is the Solid Dish Soap Bar safe for septic systems and grey water systems?

Yes, our Solid Dish Soap Bar is formulated to be both septic and grey water safe. Its natural and biodegradable ingredients break down easily, ensuring no harm to your septic system or the environment when used in grey water systems. Making the switch means you're choosing a product that's kind to both your home and the planet.

Customer Reviews

Based on 309 reviews

Love this soap! I’m loving these water-free products, and I think it’s cool that the ‘sudsing’ elements are left out too. We were programmed to think bubbles mean clean - not true

Cici geli
Great product

Just started to use this new product we enjoy it. Others are for my xmas gifts

Will Roberts
Dish soap bar

I love this product! Not only is it plastic free and good for the environment, it actually works really well! Definitely worth it

Kathy Coombs
What a great product!!

This is such a great product, I love that it has eliminated another bottle of drippy messy soap!

Mackenzie Jewell
Smells so good

One of my biggest issues with solid dish soaps is that some of them smell so bad. This soap has a very subtle but sweet scent and I don't need much of it to get the job done. Very happy with this purchase.