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Brilliant product!

I am very satisfied with my dish brush, soap & holder. Convenient and ecological - and the fragrance is lovely. Lots of suds and clean dishes is a win/win for me.

Good stuff!

Smells good and makes my hair feel great!
Definitely will buy again!

Baby Bottles and Travel Mugs

Strong sturdy handle with bristles that scrub good but don't damage! Strong enough to clean my husbands coffee travel mug and remove the stains, but gentle enough to scrub my babies bottles. The curve really gets into the tight corners!

Easy Eco Switch

This is such an easy eco switch! My area is out of landfill space in 3 years, so it's very important to make switches for my family. The soap lathers profusely, smells incredible, and is so easy to use. The bundle makes a beautiful aesthetic on my countertop, too! The soap can also be used for hand washing, which is great as you're cooking. The brush doesn't need you to press hard to get a good scrub. Love that I made the switch! Will be buying a years worth of brush head replacements and more soap.

Dish Washing Bundle
Kalina Paige
Dish soap bar

So far I am loving the dish soap bar! It’s smells amazing and lathered very well!

Sudsy, cleans great!

We love this bar of soap...need a better soap dish for it, but besides that it cleans so well and gets nice and sudsy!


We should all use this product.

Love the products!

The shampoo bar is amazing!! Lathers perfectly! I’ll definitely buy again

Love these products! We are keeping so many plastic bottles out of the landfill with our large family. Keep up the good work!

Travel Utensil Set

Fantastic product!

Very nice product

It is smaller than I thought it would be, but so far is working great!

Shampoo Bar and conditioner

Absolutely love the bars and amazing how much lather the shampoo has . Would highly recommend for travelling with a carryon .

Single Blade Safety Razor
Amanda Singleton
Just what I was looking for

I was in the market for a safety razor after my first one was dropped. They all seem pretty much the same, but I’m glad I picked this one. I even like it better than the one I had before. If you are still using a plastic razor, please consider using a safety razor like this one.

Worth it.

Two things surprised me the first time I used these.
1. How little you need to use
2. How much better my hair felt instantly

So easy

Rub a few circles on your head and your have a full lather to wash! Takes so little!

Deep cleans

Gets into the hard to reach places like slotted spatulas and tupperware lid clasps and in between forks where food can get stuck. I just need to get the long handle one now. Looks cute on my sink ledge. Would definitely recommend.

Long lasting dishsoap

This fresh scented soap cleans everything, baking pans, pots, frying pans, dishes, china. Best part is, it leaves no residue, and it's all natural.

Wooden Dish Brush
Jacqueline Nelson
Wonder dish brush

This dish brush is a wonder! It srubs but is not abrasive. The natural bristles do a great job cleaning. From my pots and pans to my delicate china, they clean everything!

Great bar shampoo & conditioner

Very light scent, great lather, wonderful product, good for all hair types. My hair has never felt so healthy!


The shampoo and conditioner bars work amazing and smell fantastic. The ingredients are all natural and leave your hair in great condition.

Lathering in two rubs! #Dry hair #Long hair

I only but the shampoo bar at first from Amazon, just to have a try. After one use, I decided to buy the conditioner bar. It's a very good set.
It cleans well and shorten my shower time so much because I have a long hair.
With bottle shampoo, I usually use three times in one shower. My hair is dry, and I was worried about it would make my hair feels too fry, but the conditioner fixes it. Even though you don't but the conditioner, just use some jojoba oil or hair oil, it also works.
The first time I use the conditioner bar I was really confused because it's my first time. Once you paint the bar on your hair and rinse it under the water, WOW, my hair feels so silky both under the water and after blow dry, it won't make my floor feels slippery.
Both of the bars are easy to rinse off. Would try another flavor.
I need the shampoo bar came out with a bigger version.
If the bar does not work for you, use it to wash your hands.

Dish Washing Bundle
Abigail Swink

I love this product. The dish soap smells amazing and a little goes a long way.

Love The Solid Dish Bsr

I had been using a solid dish bar from another company for quite awhile. When I went to reorder, I discovered that they had discontinued it. What was I going to do? So, I asked Mr. Google for help, and there you were! I read about your dish soap, and decided to give it a try. Well, I wasn't disappointed! It's perfect, and I just love it! I'm so happy I didn't have to go back to buying dish soap in a plastic bottle at the grocery store.
It's really nice, it does the job very well, cutting through grease, and leaving my dishes squeaky clean and sparkling. I hope to be able to use your product for a very long time! Thank you!

Worth the switch!

I switched from dish soap, full of chemicals to the dish bar soaps and I'll never go back! I buy in bulk so I have them on hand. They smell great and they cut hard grease and stains, so happy I switched! I'll be a forever customer :)

Shampoo bar

I was blown away by the instant lather! I have very thick curly hair and thought I was going to need to use so much of the bar and at least one repeat wash like with regular bottled shampoo. All I need is a quick lather and one wash only. Very satisfying and will be reordering!