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Perfect for my fine hair

I am very picky on hair products because my hair is fine and gets highlights at the salon. This shampoo got my hair clean and left it looking healthy. Will repurchase.

Exfoliating Mitt
Brandi Shaeffer
My favorite bath product

I've got 5 of these mits so I always have a clean one. My husband is going to steal them from me if he ever tries one so hopefully I can buy more when they're not sold out!

Great for cleaning the insides of pots!

I have a dish brush from Zero Waste that I use all the time but this pot brush works really well for the insides of pots because of it's shorter handle - it feels satisfying to use too!

Easy to use and work to make my hair shine!

I have tried a number of different brands of shampoo and conditioner bars but keep coming back to Zero Waste MVMT's as my favourite ones in terms of how well they work on my hair, their value, and ease of use.

Love this soap! I’m loving these water-free products, and I think it’s cool that the ‘sudsing’ elements are left out too. We were programmed to think bubbles mean clean - not true

Love love love

Fantastic shampoo bars- the only kind I use! Great for travelling and camping too! Thank you so much for creating quality products that help reduce my impact!!❤️❤️

Great product

Just started to use this new product we enjoy it. Others are for my xmas gifts

Swedish dishcloths

These dishcloths are amazing! They last for months with no nasty smells. I definitely recommend them and the quality products from the Zero Waste Mvmt company.

Recommended Body Soap

I love this soap. After experiencing it for the first time, I bought 8! I like how it looks, smells, and that it's all natural. I have found it does not leave a slime residue or creates clogs in your bathtub like some soaps do. Highly recommended.

A great mitten

It’s not scratchy and exfoliates my skin. Very happy with it!


I loooove this shampoo and conditioner. The shampoo lathers really well and leaves my hair feeling clean with no residue. I've tried other bar shampoos which left residue. I've noticed some regrowth of hair in areas where there was loss before using this product. I have wavy hair which can be a little on the dry side so I started using the conditioner. Love it too. It makes my hair shine and easy to manage! We are trying to cut down on plastic, so I love that there is no plastic with this product. Thrilled that the I can get such a good product.

Shampoo bar and conditioner

Love these shampoo and conditioner bars!! I was obsessed with the mint but now the cedar patchouli is giving it a run for the money :)

So far so good!

I have never used a single blade razor, and so far I really like it. Though it does take a little longer to shave, I can tell it’s a lot easier on my skin than multi-blade razors. The razor is solid and heavy — I was impressed with the quality. The blades are easy to change as well. Great product!

Love this product!

The peppermint and eucalyptus smells amazing! My favourite scent of the three. Definitely going to be ordering more! I have long (halfway down my back) and thick, frizzy/curly hair and the soap lathered impressively for a bar and was easy to apply and get a good lather. The conditioner doesn't lather, and is a bit more work to apply but I could feel it coating my hair as I worked it through and was able to run my fingers through while washing my hair without them getting tangled. Definitely getting more.

Dish soap bar

I love this product! Not only is it plastic free and good for the environment, it actually works really well! Definitely worth it

Natural Deodorant
Gracie Tamm

Works so well!!

Single Blade Safety Razor
Amanda Acquaviva
Best Razor EVERRR

I have always had an issue with irritation and not being able to shave as regularly as I like. This razor has fixed it all! My legs are so smooth and so is everywhere else!! Just be careful! But it’s a very quick learning process.

Dish Washing Bundle
Kathy Coombs
What a great product!!

This is such a great product, I love that it has eliminated another bottle of drippy messy soap!

Shampoo bars and natural deodorant

I first purchased the shampoo bars in March at a little store in Asheville, NC just to try them out. I love how they make my hair look and feel. I don't have any more itch scalp like I used to have when using bottled shampoos. And the natural deodorant works amazingly too! I purchased the lavender and bergamot scent. Love it!! Will definitely purchase these products again and again.

Smells so good

One of my biggest issues with solid dish soaps is that some of them smell so bad. This soap has a very subtle but sweet scent and I don't need much of it to get the job done. Very happy with this purchase.

Great Shaver!

I have been wanting to switch to a cleaner brand of Shaver as I used to use a generic shaver with a moisturizerizing strip.

First of all, I was very impressed by the quick shipping delivery! Secondly, I loved the packaging with the enclosed personalized note. Thirdly, the shaver had a nice weight to it, and I loved the grip feature on the shaver.

I was nervous to use a single blade shaver, but it was easy to use. I also purchased the shaving bar which was wonderful and had clean ingredients. I am impressed!

why am I having fun doing my dishes!??!

We were super excited to get this bundle and while I always have high hopes I didn't think it'd actually improve dishwashing that much. But it's so nice. I couldn't even really tell you what it is—maybe with the long wood handle brush it's just nice to not have my hands directly in the action all the time? But I love all the brushes and sponges, and the soap treats my sensitive skin extremely well (and I had no hopes for the soap at all with how sensitive I am; it was more of an L I was willing to take to get the bundle... but it's amazing!)

Only downside is things aren't super flexible, so I have some difficulty scrubbing the bottom of a glass or something, but the dishwasher takes care of that, and it'd be easy enough to keep a metal scrubby for those scenarios. Otherwise it's just perfect. Really lovely strength to the bristles that gets things super clean, and no film when dried like I was expecting.

Also, the soap stays oddly well? It seems designed somehow to stay firm and not totally leak and reduce right away. Not sure how.

Really excited to try their other products.

Love this bundle

I love this dish soap. It smells good and cleans dishes well. Some dish soap leaves water spots, but this product leaves only a few water spots. I haven’t tried to use a brush because I don’t have many large containers, but I think it is good because my hands don’t get wet. It is not included in this set, but I purchased a Swedish dishcloth separately. I love the versatility of Swedish dishcloth which is easy to wash and doesn’t make a scratch. It can be also used as a kitchen wipe when I squeeze out excessive water.

Fantastic product

Since the first time I used these bars I have never used anything else. My hair feel great very soft. I love the fact that there is no waste with packaging for deliver great products I highly recommend


This is the best shampoo bar I have ever tried! And I had tried a lot! Leaves my hair super soft and manageable- don’t need to wash it everyday! Saving in plastic and water!! Does it get any better?