8 Ways Houseplants Can Improve Your Well-being

8 Ways Houseplants Can Improve Your Well-being

Spending more time at home? You’re not alone, with quarantine rules in place, many people are still working from home. One of the easiest ways to improve your space and home office is to get some plants!

Here are 8 ways that house plants will help improve your well-being:

  • Houseplants help improve your workspace.  Plants help reduce stress so you can work better. Being stressed can really impact your physical and mental well-being which can negatively affect your work productivity. Try putting some plants in your workspace to help you stay relaxed and ready to work.  
  • Houseplants help improve the quality of your work. It has been shown to actually increase memory by 20% and productivity and concentration by 47%. This can help you be more efficient when working from your home office. Some studies have even shown that plants can help you let those creative juices flow and solve problems better. 
  • House plants help improve air quality. Did you know that the American Lung Association has found that indoor air can be more polluting compared to the air outside? Plants can actually filter out some of the most common air pollutants include asbestos, mold, formaldehyde, etc. Your health is important and making sure you have clean air in your home will help improve your well-being. 
  • House plants act as a natural humidifier. Plants naturally sweat through a process called transpiration which can help reduce dryness in the winter. So if you’re looking for a natural humidifier, try adding some plants to your home. Boston ferns are great at regulating that dry winter air!
  • House plants help you heal naturally. Studies recommend houseplants as an effective and complementary medicine for patients undergoing surgery. Having plants near you help you feel calmer and even helps you heal faster. Plants have so many amazing benefits!
  • House plants help you sleep better. Have trouble sleeping at night? Try adding some plants to your bedroom to create a calm atmosphere to help you get some good sleep. Plants help produce oxygen so you can breathe better. Sleep is very important for our health!
  • House plants make you happier. Plants can lift your mood and brighten your home. They have even shown to reduce anxiety and depression. The potting soil has microbes that work as a natural antidepressant. 
  • House plants can reduce loneliness. Many of us are feeling very isolated during these times. To help combat that try getting some house plants. Bringing life into your home can help you feel less alone and plants are a great way to do that.

  • These are just 8 ways in which plants can help improve your life and work at home. Now it’s time to head to your local plant nursery so you can experience the full benefits of houseplants!

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