What Is A Solid Dish Bar And How Do You Use One?

When it comes to dish soap, most people are used to that blue, goopy, liquid stuff that comes in plastic bottles. But, times are a changin’! SOLID dish soap is the new (yet old) product on the block and people are loving it – and for good reason! Here’s why…



In a day and age where we’re all trying to live a little more sustainably, switching to a solid dish bar may be the move for you. 


Every year, millions and millions of plastic bottles are thrown away and end up in landfills. We wanted to re-think the status quo and got to thinking. Why is dish soap even in liquid form? It’s often diluted with more than 60% water, this leads to more plastic needed to bottle it and it creates more emissions having to ship bulky liquid bottles.


You might be thinking, “Okay, but how do dish bars stack up next to the liquid we’ve been using for years? Do they clean just as well?”. The answer... Heck yes! 


Fun fact: Soaps in general all work the same way. The soap bonds to dirt, grime, bacteria and grease and lifts it off the surfaces you’re trying to clean. This allows them to be rinsed away with water! 


Not only do they have the same cleaning power, they’re also free from any harmful chemicals that you can find in the big brand stuff. 


Our bars are made from all natural ingredients which are USDA certified organic, palm oil-free, cruelty-free, fair trade, dye-free and vegan friendly. Yes we’re ingredient snobs and only want to work with the best ingredients to deliver the best, most sustainable product we can.


So how do they work…


Take your dish brush, pot brush, or dish cloth, wet it, and lather the dish bar. You’ll see it suds up into a beautiful lather. Continue to scrub your dishes until clean and rinse with hot water for a sparkling clean!


You might think, “How am I supposed to wash a sink full of dishes?”. 


There are a couple of different ways to wash dishes with the dish bar, the one we just mentioned, but you can also run the bar directly under the tap while scrubbing and you’ll get a sink full of soapy water!


Here’s a little life hack you may already be doing or maybe haven’t thought of yet. It may seem like a no-brainer, but WASH DISHES AS YOU USE THEM. When you’re cooking away and you finish with a dish, give the bar a quick scrub and wash the dish when you’re done with it. You can do this during cooking downtime to save time! Let’s face it, no one likes doing dishes but this method can make it all a little more bearable and cut down the amount of dishes you’ll need to do after eating (when you want to just kick it and chill while you digest)!

"I love this product. Its so sudsy! I use it for cleaning my bathroom as well as for washing dishes as it really cuts through grease well. The smell is great and not overpowering." - Shona 

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